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Vaporshark AMP3 Charger $33.95


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AMP3 Charger by Vapor Shark
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Vaporshark AMP3 Charger $33.95

Vapor Shark AMP³ Charger

3 Cell Charger


Vapor Shark has built a reputation for offering the fastest charging vaping devices on the market. Now, we’re pleased to introduce the very first battery charger capable of delivering on this need for speed.

The Vapor Shark AMP³ is a universal smart charger that incorporates authentic Qualcomm® Quick Charge 2.0 technology to enable 2.0A charging on all three channels simultaneously. With intelligent current delivery, voltage limiting and temperature protection, the AMP³ is designed to offer maximum compatibility and ensure healthy life cycles for all of your batteries, regardless of the brand or capacity. The AMP³ monitors and charges each channel independently, letting you mix and match batteries of different sizes, charge states and capacities without fear of overcharging or short circuiting.

Additional protection features include reverse polarity detection, constant current/voltage delivery, trickle-charging and auto-off functionality. The AMP³ also functions as a 5V/2.0A power bank, letting you recruit your backup batteries to perform high-speed USB charging duties whenever and wherever you need it. Once all of your backup batteries are charged and ready to rock, you can use the included wall adapter and Micro USB cable to juice up your Vapor Shark mod or any Quick Charge 2.0 enabled device.


1 Charger

1 Wall Adapter

1 Charging Cable

1 Box Packaging

Warranty: 30 Days Manufacturing Defects

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