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FDA Deeming Regulations go into effect August 8th 2016 with various deadlines through 2018

Take action to change to the predicate date for vapor products newly deemed as tobacco by the FDA


Due to the FDA Deeming Regulations….

1) We cannot sell 'our' e-liquids   (Removed from sale August 4th)

2) We cannot set up your new equipment for you.

3) We cannot repair your equipment for you.

4) We cannot upgrade your mods software.

5) We cannot fill your tank with liquid.

6) We cannot build or install coils for you

7) We cannot let you sample liquids for free.

8) We cannot give you anything that would classify as a promo/freebie.


AT&T, Bellsouth, SBCGlobal...  Email Users:    We can't send you e-mails


AT&T owns,,,,,,,, and more. If you use ANY of these email providers, or if AT&T is your ISP, please be aware they have blocked our emails permanently due to false spam reports. If you WANT to receive your tracking, order confirmations, and general correspondance, you will need to update your account with a different email address. Gmail, yahoo, and outlook/hotmail are always good to use. It's private ISP's (like AT&T) that block email without you even knowing it, and this is what we pay for on our cable bills right! You can try telling your them you DO want to receive emails from our domain at this IP, and that our newsletters do follow canspam law.

WHY THIS HAPPENS  Someone is reporting our email newsletter as spam. They click the 'report as spam' button instead of 'unsubscribe'. When you report as spam this info feeds to your ISP. Once the ISP receives a certain amount of reports they BLOCK all emails from that website, and it's virtually impossible to have it un-done. We're doing the best we can to work around this issue. Sorry for any inconvenience.



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POODLE SSLv3 & Heartbleed Vulnerabilities

We are not vulnerable! For POODLE all SSLv3 connections will be denied.

To test for heartbleed vulnerablility use Beware of sites that claim to test,

but only look for signs the site uses potentially vulnerable software instead of truly testing. This can result in

flawed results, and can hurt some of your favorite businesses! The flawed testers include Lastpass & more.