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Horizon Phantom Tank *SALE* $6.95


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Side Fill Port or Bottom Fill
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Horizon Phantom Tank *SALE* $6.95

Horizon Phantom Tank   5ml    Side Fill Port

2 BTDC II Coils 0.2 ohm     1 DIY RBA Coil   


Horizon Tech Phantom tank is an advanced and revolutionary sub ohm tank uses the newest vaping technology. They've improved and perfected the Arctic tank shortcomings. To prevent over-heating under high wattage, the Phantom tank uses the newest cooling technology. With a mechanical cooling system, splash proof system, liquid recycle system, users will enjoy vaping at 30W to 70W to get a Optimum performance. It's also able to be refilled by the side fill port or bottom refill.

The Phantom BTDC II Coils use Japanese organic cotton and 316 stainless steel wire. It has 5ml liquid capacity, the tank body is made of 304 stainless steel, and the kit includes a DIY RBA Coil Base so you can build your own coils.


Recycling system:

There is the baffle above the coil head. Any excess liquid that is not vaporized at the coil gets collected here. This also helps ensure the user does not get any “spit back” through the drip tip into their mouth. When enough liquid is gathered here gravity will cause it drop through the recycling holes onto the coil.

There is the recycling chamber on the baffle. Vapor travel through the vents on the sides of the baffle then proceeds through the liquid recycling chamber.  As vapor travels through the chamber the surface area goes from very small to large, this causes any excess condensation to collect in the chamber and be filtered down the side walls.  When enough liquid collects in the chamber gravity causes it to be fed back down onto the coil thus being recycled.

There are 4 liquid recycling holes on the coils head which along the outside of the liquid recycling system. These holes act as a conduit for any un-vaporized liquid to be fed back to the coil 


Splash-proof system

There is also a splash-proof system in the middle of the tank. If you look down the mouthpiece you cannot see the coil due to the baffle.  This ensures that no liquid can travel up through the stem into your mouth.  Only vapor can get through ensuring a great vaping experience!


Mechanical Cooling System

There is a mechanical cooling system present in the center of the tank.  This system utilizes surface area and distance to cool the vapor down before it reaches your mouth.  This allows the user to vape at higher wattages and enjoy a cooler vape with outstanding flavor!  

(Due to the nature of this cooling system the tank itself may become hot. This is normal and will not cause any issues)




1 Phantom Tank

2 BTDC II 0.2 ohm Coil (Stainless Steel Wire)

1 DIY RBA COIL  (build your own)

1 Pad Organic Japanese Cotton

1 Parts Bag (1 pre-built coil, 1 shaft to build coils on, 2 headless screws, 3 o-rings, 1 allen tool)

1 Box Packaging with Authenticity Sticker



Warranty: 24 Hour DOA  (ie, Threads, Broken Glass)  Please test all items immediately upon receipt

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