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Sweet-Vapes Est. 2009

Our online store opened 2010, and our store front opened 2012

We started by selling our e-liquid through a local re-sale shop! They stocked some 1st generation e-cigarettes like the Joye 510 and M401, rare in B&M stores at that time, which included chinese e-liquid as pre-filled cartridges. By offering our first line of e-liquid (20 flavors) next to those kits, they helped more customers enjoy the products. That made all the difference to successfully make the switch.

What started as a hobby grew into a passion


We grew up with the industry and experience makes all the difference

The electronic cigarettes that we stock are from brands well known and tested by the vaping community. We promise to always bring you genuine high quality products, direct from the 'real' manufacturer as indicated. We have the experience to know who the top manufacturers are and how to work with them.

Our goal is to provide the best quality service, with as much education and safety information possible.

We listen to your suggestions, and we're constantly reinvesting in every way possible to grow and improve. Fairness is a big deal around here so you'll often find us talking about our policies. They keep the rules the same for everyone.

We truly enjoy and BELIEVE in our products. 

Dayna & Team