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In Stock:  iStick 50W, Melo Tank, Melo Coils

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70 Watts



25mm Subtank

22mm Subtank Mini

18.5mm Subtank Nano

Melo In Stock

Eleaf Melo Sub Ohm Tank 

Eleaf iStick 50W 

Quad Coil

30mm, Huge Vapor, Awesome Airflow


Huge Vapor Production

Sub Ohm

Aspire CF Mod (18650) Aspire Sub Ohm Battery


Starter Kits from Aspire, Kanger, Joyetech or build your own!

30 Watt

2200mah Passthrough
Kanger Aerotank V2
Aspire BVC Coils
IPV Mini 2 70 Watt
Aspire CF VV 1600mah
Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0
Kanger Aerotank Mini
Subtank Nano 18.5mm
Eleaf Lemo Drop RTA 2.7ml
Aspire Atlantis 5ml Assembly
Kanger IPOW 2 1600mah
Innokin MVP 3.0 30 Watt
Joyetech eVic Supreme 30 Watt Kit
Aspire Atlantis Coils (Sub Ohm)
Kanger Subtank Organic Cotton Coils (OCC)
EVOLV Kick 2
HCigar HB DNA 40 (Authentic EVOLV)
Eleaf GS16S eGo
Smoktech OmniTester
EHPro Mars 26650 35 Watt Black
Joyetech eCom-C Twist 1300mah
Nitecore UM20 Charger
Aspire Atlantis Glass Replacement
Sony VTC4 30A IMR 18650 2100mah
Aspire Atlantis Hollow Assembly
EHPro Kayfun V4 (Updated)
Joyetech Delta 23
Eleaf GS16S 510
Aspire BDC Coils
Smoktech Prospect e-Pipe
Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC
Kanger EVOD VV 1600mah
Eleaf iStick Leather Case
Aspire Nautilus Large Hollowed Assy
Mini Clear Glass & Stainless
Kanger EVOD VV 1300mah
Innokin iTaste MVP 20 Watt
IPV Mini 30 Watt Pink
eGo-VV V4
Kanger Genitank Mini
Kanger eMow 1300mah Kit
Kanger Aerotank Mow
Eleaf iStick Bending Adapter
Eleaf iStick 50 Watt Express Kit
Kanger Aerotank Giant
HCigar HB 50 Watt
Kanger KBox 40 Watt
Vapowire Kanthal Round
Aspire Atlantis Tank
Infinite Vapor Flask V2
Aspire Nautilus Large BVC (2 Free Coils)
Nitecore Digicharger D2
Aspire Nautilus Large Stainless Tube
Aspire Starter Kit K1 & CF G-Power
Kanger K-Simar 20 Watt
Aspire Nautilus Mini Hollow Assy
Kanger Upgraded Dual Coils
Nitecore Digicharger D4
Kanger Subtank RBA Pre-Built Coils
Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils
Samsung 18650 20A 2500mah
Eleaf Melo Sub Ohm Tank
IPV Mini 30 Watt
Aspire CF VV 1300mah
Joyetech Delta II
Joyetech eGo ONE Kit (Sub Ohm)
Eleaf iStick 20W 30W Silicone Case
Vision Mini Spinner 2 850mah
Authentic Aethertech Plume Veil v2.0
Sweet Cavendish
SMY 40 Watt
Eleaf GS16 eGo
Kanger Aerotank Mow Mega
Kanger IPOW 2 1300mah
Oakley Haka Volt Ohm Wattage Meter
EHPro Kayfun Lite Plus V2
EFest LUC S2 Charger
Kanger eMow Mega 1600mah Kit
Eleaf iStick 50 Watt Full Kit
Eleaf iStick 50 Watt Base Kit
Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery 40A
Kanger Aerotank Mow
Aspire Nautilus Large BVC (Free Glass Tube)
3pc Subtank O-Rings
IPV Mini 2 70 Watt Pink

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