Electronic Cigarettes & Hand Mixed E-Liquids
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Resistances: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 ohm

Triple Coils

Up to 27 watts

Airflow Control

Huge Vapor & Flavor

Genuine SLB


6 Colors 



eCom-C Twist

Variable Wattage
Joyetech eVic Supreme Kit
Kanger eMow 1300mah Kit
Kanger Upgraded Dual Coils
EVOLV Kick 2
Joyetech Delta
EHPro Kayfun Lite Plus V1
Aspire BDC Coils
Aerotank Mow
Aspire Nautilus Hollowed Assy
Aspire CF VV 1600mah
Aspire Mini Nova-S
Kanger EVOD VV 1600mah
Smoktech eMax 1300mah
Aspire Nautilus Mini
Kanger Aerotank Giant
Smoktech Fury-S 18350 18650
Nautilus Stainless Tube
Infinite Stingray X
Vision X-Jet Mini Nova Kit
eGo-VV V3
Aspire Mini Davide BDC
Aspire Vivi Nova-S
EHPro Kayfun Lite Plus V2
EFest LUC S2 Charger
Kanger Single Coils
Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils
HCigar Black Copper Stingray 26650
eGo-VV V4
Kanger Aerotank Mini
Vapowire Kanthal Round
Sony VTC5 30A IMR 18650 2600mah
Nitecore Digicharger D2
Kanger Aerotank V2
Innokin iTaste VF Atomizer
Kanger T3D
Joyetech eCom-C Twist 1300mah
Aspire CF VV 1300mah
Smoktech OmniTester
HCigar DNA 30
Oakley Haka Volt Ohm Wattage Meter
Joyetech eCom-C Twist 900mah
Nitecore Digicharger D4
Joyetech Sony VTC4 2100mah 30A

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